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Litter-Robot is the industry leading product line for automated litter-boxes. In 2000, after inheriting two cats, Litter-Robot designer, founder, and president Brad Baxter crafted the first prototype that would become the best selling and highest rated automated litter-box on the market. Recently, Auto-Pets, LR’s parent company, has branched out into other ventures including Through this brand they provide their own litter line delivered to your door, and furniture to help make your Litter-Robot more inconspicuous in your home. Other products include the Feeder-Robot, a new automatic pet feeder. 

Urban Ignite works with both the Litter-Robot and brands to produce high quality video content. 

The Challenge

As an e-commerce brand, Litter-Robot was in need of additional high quality video content to use in advertisements, on their website, and for product tutorials. As an international brand, they needed videos that worked well with their established brand identity, and could be edited to work within ad times on different platforms. 

The Solution

Urban Ignite created a variety of unique videos to address the different needs Litter-Robot had. We began with client testimonial videos to help educate potential consumers about the experience of owning a Litter-Robot. We've since moved onto creating other advertisements for both television and online social media platforms. These include product showcases, comparison videos, and instructional videos to show clients how to assemble products.

Video Showcase: Litter-Robot 3 Connect Feature

This video was created to show off the companion app to the newest Litter-Robot model, the Litter-Robot 3. Our goal was to create a video that showcases how to use app, its capabilities, and ease-of-use. The video is located directly on the connect page on Litter-Robot’s website. We utilized special effects, including tracking, as well as screen-capping, and custom animations to bring the video to life. 

Video Showcase: Black Friday Ad

This was a promotional spot created for Black Friday to advertise launch of the brand new dark gray Litter-Robot color. We wanted to showcase the versatility and aesthetics of this item across a variety of rooms, and emphasize its appropriateness as a modern appliance in many homes. We accomplished this by stringing together jump cuts from unique filming locations. 

Video Showcase: Litter Comparison Ad Spot

For this ad, we wanted to create a video that showcased their new line of litter in comparison to some of the leading brands on the market. wanted a video that had a clear approach to offer consumers an honest look at how the product performs against the competition. 

Video Showcase: Connect Onboarding Video

After users purchase the Litter-Robot, they receive an email with a featured video that walks them through their new product. This helps them onboard their new Litter-Robot. We tried to make the guide process as straightforward and effective as possible. 

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