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Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing around. And in many ways, effective email marketing is about breaking from outdated conventions to maximize the great potential the medium has for businesses.  

At Urban Ignite, we utilize a modern email marketing strategy focused on building connections that stays away from exhausting recipients with promotions. We want to deliver exciting, valuable emails that clients will want to open and read. 

Our Email Marketing Process


Our process begins by selecting relevant, engaging topics your clients will find interesting, and actually want to open to read more about. We work with your team to create an action plan for months in advance to outline a clear, long-term email marketing strategy. 


We utilize email marketing software to help build your email list, and generate attractive email templates that organize content in an approachable way that encourages clicks through. Our copywriters will craft written content that is appealing and proffesional. 


Utilizing analytic software, we analyze the impact of each email blast to assess its success and make adjustments to collect even more clicks for the next blast. Each email is built with content that encourages clients to take action and directs traffic back to your website. 

A Consistent Email Strategy

The key to smart email marketing is building a consistent email strategy that is not overbearing to those on the receiving end. At Urban Ignite, we build long-term email marketing strategies for our clients to maintain consistency between each email blast sent out. This allows us to create a calendar for months in advance, helping organize the content we’ll need and giving you a wholistic view of the email strategy so you’re always in the loop.

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