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Your presence online is about more than a well-designed website: custom content is a key piece that helps your business stand out. The world of marketing continues to rely on the proper utilization of visual mediums. Gone are the days where growing brands should just rely on stock photos. The reality as that people like learning more about your business. They want to see your team, see your business in action, and feel like it will be easy to make a real connection with your team. We’ve seen how many people base their purchasing decision upon this factor. Authenticity is key. 

At Urban Ignite, we provide custom photography and videography services. Build up a strong backlog of engaging content, whether it be for your website, social media accounts, or ad campaigns. Our team strives to find creative ways to show off your brand and engage with customers in an authentic way. 

Our Content Creation Process


We start by assessing the current state of your content library, and working with your team to determine what photo and video content would be best suited to help build out your digital library. We help create an effective content plan that will take your business’ visual presentation to the next level. 


We pride ourselves on our ability to capture and produce diverse, standout content. Our team utilizes photo and video content to help build a complete image of your business, from the people that make it up to the day-to-day functions to work that you’ve done. When you do great work, there is no reason to not show it off. 


Our photography and videography services are about building engagement with your audience. Genuine representation of your business helps sway the purchasing decisions of clients. Our photo and video content have proven results of generating leads for the companies we work with, and serve as a crucial tool in your web marketing tool belt. 

Building a Content Database

Engaging visual content is important for any growing business. At Urban Ignite, we believe in building a database of photo and video content that not only makes your marketing efforts more effective, but also more affordable over time. By capturing content over time, we give your team the flexibility to create a library of content that can be utilized for social media, ad campaigns, your website, and more. 

Photo content can help enforce professionalism and catch a potential customer’s eye, but video content is an even stronger method of marketing. Today, video content is one of the most highly consumed mediums, and effective digital ads and promotional materials can bring new customers in on a reasonable budget. You don’t need a big Hollywood production company to get great video content, just a consistent team that works with you to understand your brand identity and can bring an effective creative vision to each piece of content. 

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On-Site Photography and Videography

Our team can provide outstanding on-site photography and videography services, whether at your office, job site, or other venue. This service includes project photos and videos for builders and real estate companies, team photos and headshots, as well as photo and video content that capture life style and work culture. We utilize photography and videography to create top-tier content that will look fantastic on your website and social media accounts.

Custom Video Campaigns

If you’re in need of larger video work and campaigns, look no further. We’ve worked with nationally-recognized brands to craft impactful advertisements and promotional videos. From scripting to audio production, content capturing to multi-use edits, we take a wholistic approach to custom video campaigns.

Social Media Advertisements

Short, effective bits of content are the perfect tool for creating conversions on social media platforms. Our team creates custom social media advertisements that can be adapted to multiple different platforms. Connect with your target audience by employing smart, budget-friendly ads.

Specialty Photo and Video Services

In addition to traditional video and photo services, we also provide specialty services to fit specific needs. Our team can provide captivating aerial content via drone. Time-lapse videos allow us to add depth to larger video projects and capture your company in its element as you go through the work day. Our GoPro content lets us utilize a small, mobile camera to capture action on the go.

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Freelance Photography and Videography

Visual Content Packages That Work for You

For clients only in need of short term or one-off photo and video services, we offer a few different options to match your needs and budget. 

Small Scale Photo Shoot

Need team headshots? Have a recent project you finished that you would like to add to your portfolio? Our team can help. 

  • 20-30 fully-edited images
  • Shot in HDR (for real estate)
  • You provide a shot list and shooting location

Small Scale Video Shoot

We can put together a short promotional video that highlights your business, perfect for ads or social media sharing. 

  • 15-30 second video
  • Fully edited and color corrected
  • Script writing
  • 2 revisions
  • You provide location and participants

Comprehensive Video Shoot

Get a comprehensive video shoot to showcase your business. A great way to draw in potential clients with creative content.

  • 1-3 minute video
  • Fully edited and color corrected 
  • Scripting
  • Voice-over
  • 3 revisions
  • Actors provided

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