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We began our work with Four Twelve Roofing in December of 2018. Four Twelve provides roofing and remodeling services to homeowners and businesses across the Baltimore area. Initially, they were in need of social media marketing services but after analyzing their marketing efforts, it was determined that a website revamp and content could be valuable as well. Since the outset of our work with Four Twelve, we have completed two full-scale web revamps as their business has continued to grow, as well as capturing a vast backlog of photo and video content. We have created videos to promote their charity program, the Baltimore Roof Trust, as well as videos showcasing their work. Additionally, we’ve worked together with Four Twelve on crafting strong written content to promote their services and SEO efforts. In 2020, Four Twelve roofing was identified as the fastest growing roofing company in the country, and 126th fastest growing business  overall, on the Inc. 5000. Working with Four Twelve has been an exemplary experience in how close collaboration with a small business allows us to create more quality content that reinforces a very clear brand identity.

The Challenge

When we began working with Four Twelve, they were still a relatively new company who had quickly made a name for themselves in the Baltimore roofing industry. Despite the rapid growth, their social media and website were both suffering from a lack of original content to set them apart from the competition. Additionally, their website was lacking functionality and cohesive branding, as well as optimization for search engines.

The Solution

From the very start, working with Four Twelve Roofing has been an incredibly collaborative process, which is beneficial both to us and the client we work with. Collaboration allows us to rapidly get up to speed on the needs of a business, and quickly adapt to being able to speak in their voice and communicate their brand through the content we create. Our work with Four Twelve has included a full suite of content creation services, SEO, and Web Design.

On-Going Website Development

One of the largest projects we’ve collaborated with Four Twelve on was a full-scale website redesign. This was primarily to accommodate their need for expanding the number of pages and quality of content on these pages, as well as updating the design. This project brought the website from about 10 individual pages to over 60 pages. Each was carefully crafted to address individual services. Utilizing our original video content, Urban Ignite also created custom video banners for a variety of different pages.


Original video content is incredibly important to cultivating brand identity, and it has been a hugely beneficial means of communicating the work Four Twelve does to potential clients. Drone footage of in-progress and completed projects helps showoff the fantastic quality of work Four Twelve completes. Recently, Urban Ignite’s video footage has helped document the founding of the Baltimore Roof Trust, a foundation established by Four Twelve to deliver one or more free roofs to Baltimore locals in need each year. Video content has allowed us to communicate the values of Four Twelve as a company. 

Blog Writing

Four Twelve as a company has always had a strong story, as well as valuable information not easily accessible to home and business owners across Baltimore. Prior to working with Urban Ignite, the team at Four Twelve had written several of their own blogs. However, they wanted our assistance to produce blogs more frequently, with content more consisten in tone and crafted around boosting SEO. Working hand-in-hand with Urban Ignite’s copywriter, a variety of blogs have been written engaging with diverse topics, from those more personal to the story of Four Twelve to those providing practical roofing information about replacements, upkeep, and material selection, as well as team and company updates. 


Part of our push for original content was to upgrade the quality of job site photos available to Four Twelve, as well as content that lets clients familiarize themselves with the fantastic team at Four Twelve Roofing. Our photographers were able to provide high-quality photos to be used both for website content and to supply posts for social media. Original photography is a huge boost for small businesses because it helps provide SEO impacts as opposed to simply using stock across your website. 

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