What Is Content Creation? Does My Business Need It?

What Is Content Creation?

If you’ve done shopping around or Google searches for web marketing services, it’s likely that you’ve heard many companies tout the importance of content creation. And there’s a good reason for this. While a vibrant brand is a foundation, and a beautiful website is an inviting exterior, strong content is what holds everything together. Content is what drives traffic to your website and social media pages, and defines the substance of your brand how you communicate your identity and services to prospective clients. What’s important to understand is that content is multifaceted, and has a variety of implementations that all have different uses. Let’s take a look at a few different kinds of content today.

Written Content

Written content is a key priority of any web marketing company worth their price tag. It means more than simply what ways you choose to describe yourself and your services within the text of your website. Written content is one of the biggest focuses when looking at SEO and determining how more traffic can be driven by your website and social media pages. This content is utilized as a means to expand the reach of your brand, through blogs, FAQs, and social media posts across multiple platforms. One understated element of written content is that it should be executed with both brand identity, and SEO in mind. A problem some businesses suffer from is artificially trying to pack the results of search engines with content that is either repetitive, and thus sees them de-ranked by search engines, or they produce a stream of blogs and posts that pay little mind to the consistency and mission of the brand. Your brand is important, as is ensuring you rank high on search engines and generate traffic that becomes meaningful conversions, and strong written content is one key to accomplishing this goal.


jordan using camera

Visual content is a key pillar of defining your brand. All too often, companies rely on stock images as an easier route to building out their website and social media posts. However, by utilizing the skills of content creators, you can avoid this misstep and strengthen your company’s identity at once. Photography serves two primary purposes. First, to provide original and distinct content that helps search engines set you apart from a plethora of businesses using stock images. Second, to allow you to express the unique aesthetic of your brand, and to give your audience a more authentic way of connecting with that. A candid image of your employees hard at work in the office or in the field provides a real human aspect to connect with as opposed to stock images that audiences may have seen somewhere else, or at least feel like they have. Strong visual content is a central need of every business.


Furthering this point, videography takes all of the positives of photography and furthers them. The ability to create a unique brand identity is expanded in the huge variety of ways video content can be crafted to express your creative vision for your business. Video content can range from informational/vlog productions to advertisements, promotions, testimonials, and a variety of other things. Not only is this a perfect method for breaking down your products and services for clients, video content also tends to generate more engagement than written and static image content.


Content creation is quickly expanding to involve other mediums, allowing companies to truly build their niche in competitive markets. Podcasts, for example, are one of the fastest growing mediums to take advantage of. They provide a great opportunity to connect with your prospective audience and focus in on longer topics that don’t fit into a blog or video format. Podcasts are a great way to build out your content portfolio and generate interest and traffic to your website.


The End Goal Is to Convert

Content creation is one of the most important aspects of connecting with prospective clients in the market of today. The quality of your content is one of the strongest methods to convert those just shopping around. Brand identity means more than just a good domain name and logo, it is a matter of how consistently all of your content works together. And with the individual attention to each crucial piece of content creation from Urban Ignite, you can see your content goals come to fruition.

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